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Card sent to high-profile runners

(part of an influencer campaign for Finish line)

"From runs before the sun rises, to the ones you squeeze in during lunch breaks, or the treks you take after a long day at work, you know that running happens anytime, anywhere. 

That's what it takes to break through to your next PR, cross the finish line, or just to have the confidence to say, "Yeah, I'm a runner".

But every runner knows that your recovery days—the days when you stretch, ice, and recoup—are just as important as the days you run.

To show our appreciation to you for sharing a bit of what it takes to lace up, here's the gear for the days you don't have to worry about keeping pace, "the wall", or which running clothes are still clean.

Here's to the days you rest to run!

The Finish Line Team"


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