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What folks had said

about me & my work

What people have said

about me and my work

"Jae is a phenomenal leader, digital marketer, and team player. During her time as the Marketing Chair for TwitterOpen, Twitter’s LGBTQ Employee Resource (and Advocacy) Group, she built and lead a team creating impactful marketing initiatives for all global markets. 

While leading Open’s marketing organization, she empowered each contributor to bring their best work to the table and created opportunities for her team members to match their professional development interests with project needs. 

Most notably, Jae’s ability to take in multiple inputs from various Open cross-functional stakeholders (Company-wide Policy, Events, Product, Legal, and Executive Staff) and create an organized, actionable output made her a stand-out team member. It was a privilege to work with Jae, and I highly recommend her as a leader, marketer, and strategist."
—Kayla Glanville, Partnerships Manager at Twitter

"I couldn’t be more thrilled with [Jae's] work on this project. [She] did a great job of connecting our service to the cannabis industry with language that “talks” directly to them. I’m especially impressed with the research and preparation [she] did in order to understand my service and how to position it into this fast growing niche. [She] really nailed it… on time and on budget. Thank you so much."

—Jeremy M., Startup Client

"Our agency has worked with Jae on a few B2B projects, and she has impressed me with her patience, her attention to detail and her thoroughness. She has had to wade through complicated value propositions, industry jargon and tricky clients but has come through with great results."
—Judd Mercer, Creative Director at Elevated Third Agency

"As a Digital Business Director, I worked closely with Jae Sung and our Finish Line development team as we implemented a more robust SEO strategy for Finish Line. Jae is a thoughtful strategist who sees the big picture – the complex connectivity of various efforts – to drive results in organic search traffic and understand impacts from paid channels as well. She excels in her ability to work cross-channel to knit together various initiatives from various individuals to achieve overall improvements. Any organization is lucky to have her on their team!"
—Heather Kerr, Director of Digital Services Delivery at Finish Line

"Jae is the type of person that is the foundation for building a successful team and business. She is driven, eager to learn and grow, and is strategic in her thinking. Whether her motive is to begin a new initiative within a business or to challenge the status quo by going out and learning everything there is to know about a subject matter, her commitment to producing excellent work and ability to take on multiple projects at one time is second to none. She's also never made a bad lunch or dinner suggestion, which was crucial in my time working with her in Boulder at Finish Line. I look forward to the day I can work with her again in any regards."
—Nick Engvall, Digital Content Manager at Finish Line

"I am honored to have worked closely with Jae and been on her team at Finish Line the last couple of years. I have watched Jae consistently strive to improve the business by creating more efficient processes, never hesitating to think up creative and innovative ideas, inspiring those around her to be the best that they can be, and her most recent accomplishment -- spearheading Finish Line's SEO. 
On the day to day, Jae maintains a high standard for herself by outputting only quality work. Her close attention to detail and curiosity around ways of improvement are also some of the many attributes that she brings to the table. In addition to Jae's strong passion for the business and her work, it is also evident that she cares about the people she works with
No matter what Jae wants to pursue in her career or which direction she takes, she will be very successful, and I would not hesitate to recommend her as an employee."
—Kaitlyn Schlicht, Digital Content Specialist at Finish Line

"Many many months after her move to another city, I still keep Jae on speed-dial. Jae's energy, creativity, focus and beyond-her-years insight are only matched by her evolving expertise. Jae stepped up to manage several different projects and always delivered. Although she was brought in as a consultant/writer, I came to rely on her as a designer and strategic thinker as well. She can indeed be trusted with the keys to the castle and I would not hesitate a moment to recommend Jae. But if she ever moves back to Virginia, I call dibs."
—Jason Tesauro, Award-winning Writer and Principal at The Modern Gentleman