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3 Things To Know For A Successful Start In Cannabis

Let me start off by saying that I’m not some industry expert. I haven’t been in cannabis since day one. And no, I don’t wake-n-bake on a daily basis.

But I do have expertise in writing and marketing. I have been in cannabis for more than one day. And yes, I do indulge in edibles on bi-weekly basis.

We’re not here to talk about me though, are we? We’re here to talk about what you need to know if you want to successfully venture into the cannabis industry.

And by successful, I mean you have a solid network, you’re making a living, and you genuinely enjoy what you’re doing. At least that’s what I've accomplished by keeping these guidelines in mind. 

1)    Connections are key

Don’t get me wrong, money is important —the cannabis industry is projected to rake in yearly revenue to the tune of billions— but this infant industry is also a community.

The first expo I went to, I was pinballing around booths because each person I met wanted to connect me to somebody else. No other budding industry has so many invested in making sure everybody comes up and makes it.

Without a community-minded mentality, this industry will not grow to its full potential as quickly as so many desperately need it to.

2)    Respect the roots

I don’t care if you’ve been consuming since you could spell “marijuana”, can toss out the entire genetic lineage of any flower without blinking, or know the entire socio-political history of cannabis… because somebody else knows more and has been doing it longer than you. And that’s okay!

Cannabis has some of the most knowledgeable and passionate individuals anybody could hope to cross paths with.

In the short time since I started Cannabis Copywriter, each and every person has left me with invaluable lessons that would have taken either twice as much time or money to learn.  

3)    Know your green

While mainstream media is touting this as the “green rush”, that doesn’t mean any John or Jane will cash out. There are complexities and levels to this.

If you don’t know green like the back of your hand, then you’d better have some other expertise to bring to the table.

There are some many amazing and affordable learning resources out there like CourseraSkillshare, and Lynda, so there's no excuse showing up with an empty expertise arsenal. Those with empty words and dollar-filled eyes stick out like a baggie of oregano. 

If you found yourself nodding along or cracking a smile or two, then please pass this along to somebody who you think could benefit from it. Hell, even if you hated it, feel free to contact me to let me know. I’m always trying to better myself so I can give the most to the community and industry.


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