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Despite having a robust eCommerce site, Finish Line only had a store locator page with high-level information about stores, such as hours, location, and phone number. This meant there was an opportunity to further engage consumers on a local level by creating dedicated store detail pages that would also serve to increase the local SEO value for Finish Line locations. But Finish Line has over 600 stores and this project would require the Digital Team to work with the Store Operations team to get unique, organic responses from all stores.

Process and solution:

Since I had experience working in-store and on the digital team, I got nominated to spearhead this project while working with the Site Experience, Project Management, and Store Operations teams. First, we created a video asking stores to complete a survey. Their responses would allow us to create unique and hyper-local SEO copy for each of the store pages. But we knew that without speaking to the benefit for the stores, the response rate would be very low. So we appealed to something all stores care about: more customers. 


We were able to get dedicated store pages up for over 75% of Finish Line stores. Now, those Finish Line locations have their own pages to direct in-store customers to connect with them digitally. These store pages help locations to rank locally, as well as providing additional content for consumers to interact with—such as a store's Instagram feed, relevant blog posts, and job opportunities.


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